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Reservation and Booking System + Multilevel Category Selection

Reservation and Booking System Introducing a powerful reservation and booking system in the directory. We have integrated industry’s best booking services. Installing WooCommerce Booking plugin it will turn your portal to a fully fledged booking system. Allow users to book hotel accommodation, rental properties, hire cars, book tours, appointments or… Read more »

Increase your local visitors by using WPML + Directory

Availability of your site to different people in different countries in different languages can actually increase your traffic. Have a doubt? See the benefits of Multilingual website here. At the same time, using Directory + WPML at the same time requires a lot of patience of your side. Both are… Read more »

Some of the commons doubts you might face while configuring your site contents using Directory.

What if you are not seeing some of the taxonomy options at your menu settings column shown at the left sidebar panel. While configuring a WordPress custom menu using wp-admin >> Appearance >> Menus section and in case if the system is not populating some of the additional taxonomy options,… Read more »

Bulks upload countries and states in Directory

Well, the system is automatically inserting the countries and states to the site after activating the “Tevolution-LocationManager” plugin. However, lately some people are asking us How to add bunch of states and countries in the Directory without inserting them manually one by one as we have give only way to… Read more »

6 Mistakes to avoid in a Directory website

Are you thinking to create a Directory portal? That’s great! I am sharing with you some mistakes that can be averted while running a Directory website using Directory theme and its child themes. Mistakes that can be avoided in a Directory website are listed as follows: Attentive business owners I… Read more »

Create & manage content with Directory

Create & manage content with Directory

Directory is our brand new platform that encompasses a parent theme, various plugins and a wide selection of child themes. It is the most advanced theme we’ve ever created with literally hundreds of custom features. Read this page to learn more about the stuff you can create and manage with… Read more »

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